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Two female and two male college students smiling and sitting on the grass with notebooks and laptops

Success 101: How to Crush Your Next Year of College

You’re all moved in, you’ve downloaded all your textbooks, and it’s finally time to get the new school year started. Even if you’ve gone through the process several times before, there’s always room for improvement. HERE Kansas has compiled a list of ways to ensure this year is your most successful yet.

Go to Class

Yes, it might seem obvious. You’re supposed to go to class. But as the school year drags on, you might find yourself more and more tempted to take a day or three off – especially if you’re recovering from a late night. Unless you’re sick or have an outside obligation, it’s always a better idea to attend class, even if you’re not going to take notes. You’ll absorb at least a little bit of information, and you’ll be less likely to miss crucial facts, like what might be on an upcoming test.

Create a Study Schedule

While you shouldn’t make your days too rigid, it’s a good idea to set a baseline study guide in addition to your schedule of classes, sports, and clubs. Once the school year starts, it can be easy to lose your way amid academic obligations and personal care – cooking dinner might take longer than you expected. Make sure to set aside a block of time to spend on homework and studying for all your different classes, but don’t forget to leave room for relaxation.

Attend Campus Events & Sign Up for Clubs

You might dismiss activities like these as first-year-of-college exclusives, but it’s never too late to explore more of what your school has to offer. Take a look at the offerings at the club fair, and try something new. You might learn something surprising about yourself or make an unexpected new friendship. And be sure to pay attention to open-to-all campus events – you might be able to score some free food. Bring a Tupperware®!

Set Aside Time for Yourself

As we mentioned, it’s a good idea to create a study schedule, but you should also make sure to set aside some time specifically for fun and relaxation. Your studies are important, of course, but your college years are also a time to discover yourself, make new friends, and explore the world around you. Carve out some dedicated time during the week to walk around town, enjoy some TV or video games, or have a meal out with friends. Once the school year starts to pick up, you’ll be grateful for this time to yourself.

We hope these tips help you to start this year with a bang and keep up that energy throughout the semester. For more information about decorating your apartment, exploring the town, and more, check out HERE Kansas’ blog.


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